"When I was hungry you gave me to eat,when I was thirsty you gave me to drink, when I was naked you clothed me..."

-(Mathew 25:35-36)

A Blueprint for Action 2012

Preamble: Chaitanya Shantighar, having reached an important decennial milestone is now on the threshold of a significant change in thrust and focus.The past decade has brought to the fore the grave ills that affect society which are eroding family values and striking at the very foundation of the family as the basic and most critical unit of society.

It is very clear that if the family has to continue to be relevant in today’s changing society, efforts would need to be made to support families as they face various crisis. An extension of Chaitanya Shantighar in the area of preventive intervention in crisis ridden families is the need of the hour.

Aim & Objective: To build happy and healthy families in our parish and neighbourhood irrespective of caste, creed, religion and social standing.

Strategy & Focus:

Chaitanya Shantighar has envisaged a multi-pronged action plan to reach out to
a) Battered/Broken families and work towards their rehabilitation
b) Reunite broken marriages through family and individual counseling
c) The marginalized/underprivileged including women, youth and children and build up their capacities and capabilities.

Action Plan:


  • Counselling services
  • Family Enrichment programmes
  • Legal assistance in disputes related to family matters/property issues etc.


1. Economically Deprived

  • Counseling to overcome the trauma of violence by their spouse and/or in-laws.
  • Financial - temporary help to meet their basic needs.
  • Provide temporary Shelter- for women deprived of the domestic home.
  • Legal assistance.
  • Help to provide gainful employment to those who possess job skills.
  • Training in specific job skills to the unskilled, eg. Communication skill /Language training.
  • Singles and Divorcees get together.
  • Saving schemes – Investment avenues.
  • Medical check up.

2. Financially sound/Employed women

  • Counselling
  • Legal Assistance
  • Shelter facility as needed


Programmes for Development / Growth

  • Personality Development.
  • Presentation skills ( elocution, debate, group discussion etc).
  • Facing Interviews.
  • Career/Life guidance.
  • Counseling.
  • Teenager-problems.
  • Parent – Youth forums.
  • Basic Legal knowledge (IPC, CRPC etc. relevant parts).


Programmes for Development / Growth

  • Personality development.
  • Presentation skills (elocution, Debate, group discussion etc).
  • Career / Life guidance.
  • Counseling.
  • Different stages of growth.
  • Coping with Exams/ Study help.

Operational Structure / Resources

Establishment of a Family Service Centre (SAFE – SAcred Heart Family Endeavour)under the aegis of the Parish Family cell / Chaitanya Shantighar team supported by the PPC / SVP / SCC animators / coordinators / CFC and other family oriented associations adopting a 3 –tiered approach.

1st Tier: Core group members / Association members / PPC members: Regular visitation of homes and reference to Parish Family Service centre with the following objective:

- Help people understand that they need to share their problems if they cannot solve themselves.
- The role of each individual in the society and their contribution to the betterment of society.
- Availability of parish support setup for families.

2nd Tier: Parish Family Service centre will provide basic counseling services / support / assistance. Volunteers at the centre will be those who have undergone basic counseling training.

3rd Tier: Families /Individuals requiring professional counseling / legal help will be referred to Chaitanya Shantighar / other professionals as available. Training / Awareness programmes as outlined above to be planned by Chaitanya Shantighar in conjunction with the Parish Family Service Centre (SAFE)

Publicity / Awareness

Homilies / Posters / Parish Bulletin / Church Notice Board / Parish Meetings Counseling – awareness of counseling, need of counseling / support Chaitanya Shantighar Team.
Counseling session on 25.02.2012 by Fr. Tony Menezes. Regular programme in the fourth Saturday of evry month till December 2012. Limited members 25 -30.