"When I was hungry you gave me to eat,when I was thirsty you gave me to drink, when I was naked you clothed me..."

-(Mathew 25:35-36)

A Ghar With a Mission

While we are all familiar with this very powerful line from the Bible, the Sisters of the Holy Spirit Order are actually living it and putting it into practice every day of the year. At Shanti Ghar (Andheri-E), one of the charitable trust centres under ‘Shanti Mandal’ (headquartered in Pune), Jesus’ words literally come alive!
Shanti Ghar is a shelter for destitute women and children,which doesn’t simply provide them with shelter, but takes them under its wing in the true sense of the term – healing their battered bodies, embittered souls and troubled minds, making no distinction between caste, religion or social status.

Each inmate is given the tools as well as the encouragement to develop special skills and given sufficient training so that they may earn their livelihood and be able to stand on their own two feet. In a warm and affectionate environment at Shanti Ghar, children are also well taken care of and are given basic education andplenty of love.In addition, legal battlesare also fought for these (who are mostly victims of domestic violence) to ensure that their rights are protected. In a few months, these women are remarkably rehabilitated and are made physically, mentally and spiritually strong to face the challenge of the world.