"When I was hungry you gave me to eat,when I was thirsty you gave me to drink, when I was naked you clothed me..."

-(Mathew 25:35-36)


a) Shelter Home: Women who face with various problems in their families are given shelter till the problem is solved. They are assisted in every way and empowered to face the challenges of life.

b) Counseling and Personality Development: Women are helped to come out of their depression through counseling and various seminars and programmes which would build up their self esteem and hope. They are given emotional support creating a home atmosphere and understanding.

c) Rehabilitation: After three months of stay here, the women are rehabilitated. Sometimes women compromised with husband and family. In some cases women were helped to find a job outside. They are also helped to construct a house for themselves and shifted their stay. Children of these women were sent to boarding schools run by other NGOs or Congregation. Some women who showed interest to do their further study were helped to do it through distant education.

d) Legal assistance and Mediation: An advocate deals with the legal issue related to these women. Women are helped to get maintenance for them and children from the husband, or go for mutual consent. They are helped also to get their fare share of property and to get divorce if the client is convinced of the need for being separated from the husband.
Mediation is another method of assisting legally where a third person mediates and speaks for both the parties impartially. Finally come to an opinion which would be acceptable for both the parties.

e) Family Counseling: Apart from women in the shelter home, many families come here for counseling. 'Family in crisis is one of the major issues in our society today. Conflicts between the couples grow without confrontation which finally leads to the breakage of marriage bond.

f) 'Chaitanya Shantighar': 'Chaitanya Shantigahr' was founded in the year 2009, with the intention to network with other NGOs and likeminded people to tackle issue of injustice and assault done to women. Lawyers, activists, psychologists and trained counselors join hands together to this new effort. Thus this 'legal cell' caters to women, children, deserving families irrespective of their caste, creed, culture and financial status. They try to create and develop this movement, which aims at 'justice for all extending their activities to another places and parishes. Though there are various initiatives taken to deal with women's' issues, the injustice done to women are on increase still. Chaitanya shantighar believes that 'helping to build up individuals and families is helping to build up a healthy society'.